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Welcome to Academic Ink!! 

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Academic Ink is a U.S based print on demand company of committed bookworms. We love the printed word, art, history, science, mathematics, and music. We love books, magazines, all things written--dramatic plays and movies, anything classic.  And we want other people to love them too. 


At Academic Ink we believe the people who have had the most impact on human growth and development have always been the thinkers, the writers, the artists, the scientists  and philosophers,  the creatives and the outcasts. It is these people we wish to celebrate in our shop. 

 Our hope is to create a fun, interesting product, while at the same time celebrating  great cultural heroes  of the past, and hopefully stimulating new interest in the works of past masters. 

We also hope you will join us on social medial page to share what we are reading, for book recommendations, or discussions on books and other interesting topics. 


 We are dedicated to bringing you high quality, well made products that are backed by our guarantee and to ensuring that you have the best possible experience with our shop. We are very excited to hear from anybody with questions and can be reached anytime at our email address. Thank you for visiting our shop!!